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I am a graduate of National Academy of Visual Arts and Architrcture

with a degree in Master of Architecture (MArch) & Master of Arts (MArt).

I am a professional artist, architect and interior designer from Ukraine.

I am very well versed in practical design, including urban planning,

designing office centers, mansions, villas, residential and commercial buildings. I have extensive experience with interior design, furniture design,

jewelry design and much more.

My credo is to achieve absolute quality through every stage of anything

I'm involved with. I am professionally engaged in painting and graphics.

I've been passionate about drawing and art my entire life,

always having a pencil or paint brush in my hand since the young age of 2.

Over time, it grew into real love.

At the moment, watercolor paintingand drawing are an integral part of my life. I am also the creator of an author's Art school.

"Maryna Art" School of Academic Drawing and Painting.

We study academic drawing, get acquainted with such important basic concepts as shape, line, light and shadow, plane and depth, space, perspective, etc.

We also study anatomy for artists, watercolor painting, acrylic painting, sculptures, fabric painting, and all types of graphics.

Step by step, we learn to draw still life, flowers, portraits,

landscapes, and even the human figure.

In sculpture lessons, we do 3D plastic modeling from various materials (sculpting figures, animals, birds, vegetables, fruits, flowers).

I try to nurture imagination, independence, determination to achieve

goals in my students and to reveal and form their individual abilities as best as possible to transform the surrounding world and themselves according to the canons of harmony and beauty.

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